Monday Youth Group

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Monday English Youth Group is separated into 3 levels of formation, each leading into the next. We are currently developing this program to become a 5 level formation program. These 5 levels meet in hopes that leadership skills as well as life lessons will be instilled into the youth by the end of formation. Once completing all 5 years, the youth who took part in it will have the tools and confidence necessary to be coordinators of youth ministry.

Monday Youth Group focuses on three growing points; growth in self, growth with others, and most of all growth in Christ. We strive towards self development and helping the youth realize their full potential as God has intended.


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The Girl Scouts journey is to show each girl how to discover who they are. They develop a strong sense of self with positive values and gain practical life skills.

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Número de miembros: 40. Días de práctica: Viernes. Hora: 6:30 a 8:00pm. Propósito: Donar sus talentos a Dios por medio del canto y la música.

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